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Michele, I have a Dewees Cochran doll .She is really old she has real hair,blue eyes,painted closed mouth. The question I have is on her side she has Dewees Cochran doll # 704. She has on a dress pantyloons and slip .She also has shoes on . I think she is a original doll that she put out. I know that Effan doll company put out 4 of her dolls but they all has Effan doll company on them.I want to sale her but all the dolls I have looked at are about $800.00-$1000.00 I think she is really rare and I need to find out something more about her.I did take her to the Okla. city doll shoe and no one had seem one that had her signature on it .I'm hoping you can helf me or tell me who can .

Thank you Karen

Dear Karen,

The American Child series was made by Dewees Cochran for Effanbee Dolls in 1935. They were made of composition with hard rubber arms that looked like composition. The fingers are separate so the doll could wear tiny leather gloves and the wigs were made of human hair. The 14" had an open mouth with teeth and the 21" doll had painted eyes instead of the open/close eyes. The bodies were the same bodies that effanbee used for the Anne Shirley doll and are marked Anne Shirley although the face is very different.

Recently, these dolls have been reissued in vinyl and some copies have been made in bisque. The remakes aren't nearly as valuable as the original dolls and even an original doll would have to be in near mint condition with all her original clothes and accessories to be worth the book value.

If you do a Google search for Dewees Cochran you'll learn a lot about the doll and the copies and will be able to look at your doll and decide whether she's an original composition or one of the more recent dolls that were inspired by the original doll.
Google Search for Dewees Cochran

Here's two 14" Dewees that were sold as Gloria Ann. The 16" doll was Peggy Lou and the 21" was Betty Jane. I've read of other names for them and the 14" was also sold as a skater. My dolls don't have their original clothes but the outfits are appropriate.

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Karen wrote back with this picture of her doll:

Dear Karen,

The head certainly looks like a Dewees work and the doll looks to be composition and the right age. Dewees Cochran had a contract with Alexander dolls before she designed the American Children for effanbee and after effanbee she made dolls for other companies. So it's very possible that this is a Dewees but I think the clothing is home made and she's not in book mint condition. I'm not an appraiser so wouldn't venture to guess what you might be offered for her.
> > Hi Michele,
> Is there a place or book that you know of that will explain the inner workings of the walking mechanism of the Ginny doll, and other walkers? Any info that you may have will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Cindy

Dear Cindy,

There's a book I see on ebay from time to time with a title of "Repairing Hard Plastic Walkers" or something like that. In the meantime, maybe this pisture I took the last time I had a Ginny apart will help?

What problems are you having?

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